Vacation Rental Guest Policies

At Equestrian House PA, we want to make your stay as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer the Best Price Guarantee and Flexible Cancellation policies. These policies apply to any of our rental properties and any type of stay (weekend, week-long, or month-long).



Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that you will get the best price for your Equestrian House vacation rental when you book directly through our website. If you find a lower price on a third-party vacation rental booking system, for the same rental unit and reservation dates, we will match the lower rate and give you an additional (10%) discount of the difference between the total rates and apply it to your rental.

To qualify for a price match, the other offer must meet these conditions:

  • The other offer must have the same check-in and check-out dates.
  • The other offer must be for the same rental property as on our official website with the same accommodations and occupancy.
  • The price of the other offer must be lower than the price listed on our official website (, excluding the cost of the refundable deposit, if any.

To submit a price match request, you need to collect the following information and submit your request in writing:

  • The website URL where you found the better rate (the link to the other offer must be active and viewable when we verify the information).
  • A screenshot of the other offer that clearly shows the rental type, the rental’s description and availability, and rental rate for the required dates of your stay.
  • A price match request must be submitted by email no later than 48 hours before the check-in day.
  • Submit your request to Use the subject line: Best Price Guarantee.
  • We will review your claim and determine its validity and whether it meets the required conditions.

Price match and cancellation requests must be submitted by email to No phone calls or texts will be accepted.


Flexible Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans can change unexpectedly. With our flexible cancellation policy, you can book your stay at our vacation rentals with confidence, knowing that you can make changes if needed.

  • Bookings made directly through our website can be canceled without penalty within the first 48 hours of confirming your reservation.
  • After that, if you need to cancel your reservation, you will receive a refund as follows:

– Bookings canceled at least 30 days before the start of the stay will receive a full refund.
– Bookings canceled 14 to 29 days before the start of the stay will receive a 50% refund.
– Bookings canceled less than 14 days before your scheduled check-in are not refundable, but Equestrian House will provide you with a rental credit that is good for one year.

We hope these policies will help you enjoy your stay at Equestrian House PA to the fullest. For questions or other concerns, please contact us at or phone 1-570-798-3234.