Spiritual Retreats

Small and Large Groups Welcome! Come and spend a few days, weekend, week or more to host your spiritual retreats. Our venue is centrally located to several Northeast states and cities as well as Canada. You’ll have the privacy you need with plenty of places to commune, be closer to God and nature, and continue your journey or pilgrimage with your spiritual family. We have over 100+ acres of serene country to relax on during your spiritual journey. Equestrian House© has accommodations for up to 36 people.

We offer special rates for exclusive use of the property, where you’ll also have unlimited access to (4) tennis courts, six (6) basketball courts, swimming pool, fishing pond, hiking trails and lots of places to discover.

To schedule a tour or for more information, please Contact Us.

For Guests! If you are looking for a deeper connection during your stay at Equestrian House, on select dates throughout the year, we host spiritual retreat days. Retreat days are offered as optional opportunitites for guests to immerse themselves in retreat activity alongside other guests seeking personal growth and inner peace. Spiritual retreat days for 2024 are April 6, May 11, June 6-7 weekend, August 10, October 17-19 weekend, November 9, and December 7.